Waters of Destruction

Waters of Destruction

Waters of Destructions, the second volume in the elemental drabbles series has come to a close. At least for the 100-word’s. I may still try my hand at getting a 200 or 300 word in, which submissions will be opening up for soon, but we’ll see.

I’m happy to have a total of four in this one and can’t wait to see them in print! Look for my stories “Mama” about two boys who encounter something unusual while fishing, “The Perfect Shot” about an underwater photographer who makes a horrifying discovery, “Don’t Go in the Water” about a woman who tries to rescue what she “thinks” is a child from drowning, and “Illicit Affair” about a girl and her forbidden love affair with a man of the fin folk.

I can’t wait for the next in the series to open for submissions. As it’s an elemental series and there are two more set to open, I’m assuming they’ll be fire and earth, but there are always other elements that could be used, as well. Just have to wait and see!

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