“The Best Decorations in Town”

“The Best Decorations in Town”


With Halloween fast approaching, the submission calls for Halloween fiction have been abundant. Recently, I’ve had a few Halloween themed horror drabbles accepted for publication over at Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing. My drabbles “The Best Decorations in Town”, “Devil’s Slot Machine”, and “Trail of Horror” will all be included in the upcoming HALLOWEEN FRIGHTS & AUTUMN DELIGHTS anthology.

In the meantime, my drabble “The Best Decorations in Town” was chosen to be displayed on the Fantasia Divinity website, published on October 3rd. Out of all the amazing submissions received, I was really excited to have one of mine chosen for display.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

“The Best Decorations in Town” on Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing



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