Tall Tales & Short Stories

Tall Tales & Short Stories

Tall Tales & Short Stories, presented by Escaped Ink Press is now available for pre-order! My flash fiction horror piece “Feeding the Crows” is featured within, along with 49 other authors whose fiction will “take you on a multi-genre voyage of discovery across space, time and place.”

Despite their brevity, these tiny tales get right to the heart of what makes us human. They’ll tug at your heart strings, horrify, amuse and make you think, the words lingering in your mind long after you finish reading.

A new collection of talented authors, known names and new, from across the planet have penned compelling stories of birth, love and lust, heartache and revenge, death and the afterlife. Throw in aliens and angels, alcoholic bulls and alternative histories, hauntings and huntings, oh and a cowbot! What’s not to love about this anthology?

My story “Feeding the Crows” was a lot of fun to write, and I couldn’t be more excited to have it published in this spectacular debut anthology by Escaped Ink Press.

I was also happy to give an author interview following my acceptance into the anthology, which will go live later this week. Stay tuned!

Pre-order Tall Tales & Short Stories now on Amazon!

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