Review of Misfits & Oddities: A Mini-anthology

Review of Misfits & Oddities: A Mini-anthology

I was originally given a free Audible code for this book in which I voluntarily offered to give an honest review, but after listening for just a few pages, decided I’d rather go ahead and purchase it on Kindle—both to support the author with a sale, and also to really immerse myself in it, which is easier for me to do by reading rather than by listening. I was not disappointed!

Misfits & Oddities is an interesting collection of short stories, covering a wide range of concepts and realities. Like its title suggests, these stories are all uniquely “odd” in their own way, and each stand apart from the others. These are the kind of stories that push you to “think” about the ideas being presented, each story asking, “What if?”

I particularly enjoyed the story “Pet Enhancement” which showed what could happen if we were ever given the technology and means to have our pets “enhanced” with more intelligence; something I’m sure everyone has wondered at one time or another! However, the entire collection kept me engaged and swiping right to keep reading! 🙂

If you’re looking for something to read that’s entertaining (not to mention eerie and suspenseful at times!) grab yourself a copy of this fun and quirky read. I’m glad I did!

Available on Amazon HERE!

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