Review of Curses & Cauldrons: An Anthology of Witchcraft Microfiction

Review of Curses & Cauldrons: An Anthology of Witchcraft Microfiction

If you’re looking for a unique and spooky read to get you in the Halloween spirit this year, look no further than Blood Song Book’s debut anthology “Curses & Cauldrons: An Anthology of Witchcraft Microfiction” edited by Zoey Xolton. This collection of devilishly dark tiny tales is jam-packed with magic, mischief, murder, mayhem & madness, just as promised in the book’s description. It does not disappoint!

Within these pages, you’ll find tales of death and doom, such as Zoey Xolton’s own “Wings of Death”, “The Crystal and the Crone” by Brandy Bonifas, and “Blood and Bone” by Rennie St. James.

Stories of dark revenge, like those of Stuart Conover’s “The Summoning”, J.E. Feldman’s “Justice”, and Patrick Winter’s “Corpse Powder”.

As the title suggests, you’ll read of powerful witches and evil entities, such as J.M. Goodrich’s “Winds of Destruction”, Umair Mirxa’s “Isabela” and “Consumed” by Evan Baughfman.

Sinister sorcery and spellcasting abound, such as “Doors and Mirrors” by Terry Miller, “The Witch and the Warlock” by D.M. Burdett, and “A Woman Scorned” by Archit Joshi.

You’ll even find the darkly beautiful and romantic, such as Cindar Harrell’s “Sleep, My Love”, Gabriela Balcom’s “After Death”, and Belinda Brady’s “Returned”.

And weaving its way throughout it all, you’ll find wonderfully dark comedic undertones, such as “Dumpling the Toad” by Stephen Herczeg, “Griselda’s Cocktail” by JD. Bell, and pretty much everything from Shawn M. Klimek (his adventures of witch sisters Myrtle and Meadowsweet were a particular favorite.)

I honestly enjoyed every single one of these dark and deviant tales, and it was hard to pick out only the handful mentioned above. Once you read this book yourself, you’ll see what I mean! With an excellent lineup of new and established writers alike, there is bound to be a story here (or two, or three, or fifty) that will make even the most skeptical of readers wish they, too, could learn the ways of witchcraft!

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