May In Review

May In Review


This month, I received acceptances from Iron Faerie Publishing, Black Hare Press, Nocturnal Sirens Publishing, The Macabre Ladies, and The World of Myth Magazine.

Anthology Series Title: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Genre: Horror and Dark Fantasy
My Stories:
Conquest: “A Triumphant Feast”
Famine: “Feeding the Hungry”
Plague: “In the Meadow”
War: “Lamenting the Future”
Publisher: Iron Faerie Publishing

Anthology Title: Lockdown Romance #2
Genre: Dark Fantasy
My Story: “Catching Fire” (Reprint)
*Originally published in Hawthorn & Ash by Iron Faerie Publishing, December 2019
PublisherBlack Hare Press

Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Sibling Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “Little Monsters”
PublisherNocturnal Sirens Publishing

Anthology Title: Drabbles of Dread
Genre: Horror
My Stories: “The Chewing” & “Bucket List Disaster”
Publisher: The Macabre Ladies

Title: “Marked”
The World of Myth Magazine (May 2020 Issue)
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Format: E-Zine
Publisher: The World of Myth
Link: World of Myth’s Featured Story

The World of Myth Magazine was a particularly exciting acceptance because my story was chosen to appear as the “Featured Article” on the front page. Also with this particular magazine, stories are rated/voted on, and the author with the highest GPA of votes gets their story published in an end-of-year anthology, and is interviewed for the magazine’s podcast. So far, my story is in the lead!

You can read my story and leave a vote HERE. Thanks! 🙂


This month, I had three anthologies published featuring my short fiction.

Anthology Title: DARK SOLSTICE: Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology
My Story: “One Night, at Summer Camp”
Publisher: The Reanimated Writers, Presented by Eleanor Merry
Published: May 15, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Fatal Faeries
Theme: Faeries
My Stories: “On Dark Wings, She Flies” & “A Fair Trade”
PublisherNocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: May 9, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Lockdown Phantom #1
My Story:“The Wait” (Reprint)
*Originally published online with TheDrabble
PublisherBlack Hare Press
Published: May 18, 2020
Availability: Amazon


In the month of May, I submitted 11 different pieces of fiction, 8 of which were accepted within a few days (and were included in my acceptances above). The other three pieces submitted were all to Black Hare Press, for various anthologies of theirs open at the time. I am still waiting to hear back on these, fingers crossed my stories make it in!

Submitted Story: “The Honored One”

Submitted Story: “Feeding the Crows”

Submitted Story: “In the Attic”

That’s it for May. June is shaping up to be a pretty slow month—ten days in, and I’ve only submitted one short story and am only waiting on the three from above to hear back on. But things could always turn around 😉

See you next month!

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