March in Review

March in Review


FORGOTTEN ONES: DRABBLES OF MYTH AND LEGEND was released on March 5th, from Eerie River Publishing. Included are two of my dark drabbles, “Hera’s Revenge” and “The Night Mare”. This anthology was all about ancient myth and folklore as the title suggests, and I liked the inspiration I came up with for mine. “Hera’s Revenge” is a twist on what might have happened due to Hera’s obsessive love for Zeus in Greek mythology, and “The Night Mare” is based on folklore (where we get the term “nightmare” from today) where the mare (a spirit of some kind, a witch, or demon) would sit on top of people while they sleep and give the bad dreams, and were even thought to be the cause of sleep paralysis. These were a lot of fun to write!

Released together on March 7th, LOVE and HATE, the 7th and 8th dark drabble anthologies by Black Hare Press, each feature a drabble of mine. In LOVE, my tale “God is Love” was accepted, about a priest’s love and devotion to his maker, and in HATE, “Nasty Nancy” features, a story about a lunch lady named Nancy who has finally had enough of the kids’ abuse.


This month, I had quite a few exciting acceptances, and I’m happy to say that I made it in to all four of the anthologies I submitted to in the month of February!

HARVEST, by Blood Song Books, will feature my short story “Where the Tall Grass Grows”, about two friends who decide to steal marijuana from a farmer’s secret crop… with disastrous results.

My short story “King of the Forest” will be included in the second volume of IT CALLS FROM THE FOREST by Eerie River Publishing. “King of the Forest” is about the tragedy that befalls a married couple once they go to spend the summer in their newly inherited cabin.

My drabble “The Excavation” will feature in ANCIENTS, Black Hare Press’ 10th dark drabbles anthology. What happens when a mysterious box is unearthed during an archaeological excavation in the pursuit of ancient civilization remains?

And in FATAL FAERIES, by Nocturnal Sirens Publishing, I’ll have two drabbles featuring, “A Fair Trade” about a fairy being asked to make a choice between two lives, and “On Dark Wings, She Flies” about how a dark fairy renews her strength and power.


In March, I was somehow able to find time to send in a couple of submissions, amidst all the coronavirus craziness. “Of Flesh and Blood” to The Dark Void’s BEYOND anthology call, and “Sleepless Dream” to Two Page Terrors. “Of Flesh and Blood” is about an entity who finds a way to experience living again and again, while “Sleepless Dream” is about a sleep deprived young man who finds a way to finally get some rest. “Sleepless Dream” is one of the first short stories I ever wrote, years and years ago as a teenager, and this is the first time I’ve ever tried to submit it. I’ll be over the moon if it gets accepted, but I’m also not holding my breath.

Works in Progress

There are several submission calls I’d like to submit to in the near future, all neatly typed out in an Excel worksheet along with all my other writing/publishing/editing information, but the three forerunners at this point are Black Hare Press’ SCHOOL’S IN, Fantasia Divinity’s OUTBREAK, and Nocturnal Siren Publishing’s SCARY SNIPPETS FAMILY EDITION. My April goals are to get stories written and submitted for each one of these. Wish me luck!

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