June in Review

June in Review

This month, I shifted my focus back to the medieval fantasy series I began years ago, re-reading and revising Book 1, so I didn’t do as much writing and subbing for anthologies as usual. This will probably be the norm from here on out as I’d really like to get that novel finished and ready for publication, whether I decide to try going the more traditional publishing route or just publish it myself.

My goal is to have Book 1 completely edited and ready to go by October, so I’m giving myself three months. Wish me luck!

Here are my other writing accomplishments for June!


My story “Marked” won over at the World of Myth Magazine! It gained the most amount of 5 star votes and I couldn’t be happier. This means my story will be published in their annual printed anthology, and I will be interviewed on the World of Myth podcast.

You can check out my winning story here!


Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Family Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “The First Born”
Publisher: Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: June 2, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Sibling Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “Little Monsters”
Publisher: Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: June 5, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Burning Dreams: An Australian Bushfire Charity Anthology
Theme: Fire, sacrifice, fighting back, surviving
My Story: “A Fiery Revenge” & “The Protector”
Publisher:Fantasia Divinity Magazine
Published: June 9, 2020
Availability: Kindle on Amazon

Anthology Title:
Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020
Theme: Emerging writers of 2020
Publisher: Sweetycat Press
Published: June 13, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Winds of Despair
Series: Elemental Drabbles Vol. 1
My Stories: “Something in the Wind”, “The Rush” & “The Winds of Jessup”
Theme: Wind Drabbles
Publisher: Fantasia Divinity Publishing
Published: June 23, 2020
Availability: Kindle on Amazon


This month, the only anthology I submitted to was Eerie River Press’ IT CALLS FROM THE SKY. The story I chose is one of the first complete short stories I ever wrote, called “Struck”, though of course I re-vised and edited the hell out of it before submitting, so it’s not quite the same as it was years ago when I first wrote it.

So far, I’ve gotten the email letting me know it was moved forward into the second round of consideration, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that my story baby will make it.

Absolutely in love with this cover!

Works in Progress

As I said, I’m working hard to finish up a medieval fantasy novel I started years ago and I’m giving myself a deadline of October to achieve that goal. The titles I am playing with are THE FIRST BLOOD and OF BLOOD AND STONE.

I am also working on a new project with a good friend of mine in which could have the potential to be a series. We are each writing chapters from the perspective of a different character whose lives inexplicably intertwine. Right now, the goal is to have two chapters written each month. We’re really excited about it.

That’s all I’ve got this month, thanks for stopping by! See you in July 🙂

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