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June in Review

June in Review

This month, I shifted my focus back to the medieval fantasy series I began years ago, re-reading and revising Book 1, so I didn’t do as much writing and subbing for anthologies as usual. This will probably be the norm from here on out as I’d really like to get that novel finished and ready for publication, whether I decide to try going the more traditional publishing route or just publish it myself.

My goal is to have Book 1 completely edited and ready to go by October, so I’m giving myself three months. Wish me luck!

Here are my other writing accomplishments for June!


My story “Marked” won over at the World of Myth Magazine! It gained the most amount of 5 star votes and I couldn’t be happier. This means my story will be published in their annual printed anthology, and I will be interviewed on the World of Myth podcast.

You can check out my winning story here!


Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Family Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “The First Born”
Publisher: Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: June 2, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Sibling Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “Little Monsters”
Publisher: Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: June 5, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Burning Dreams: An Australian Bushfire Charity Anthology
Theme: Fire, sacrifice, fighting back, surviving
My Story: “A Fiery Revenge” & “The Protector”
Publisher:Fantasia Divinity Magazine
Published: June 9, 2020
Availability: Kindle on Amazon

Anthology Title:
Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020
Theme: Emerging writers of 2020
Publisher: Sweetycat Press
Published: June 13, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Winds of Despair
Series: Elemental Drabbles Vol. 1
My Stories: “Something in the Wind”, “The Rush” & “The Winds of Jessup”
Theme: Wind Drabbles
Publisher: Fantasia Divinity Publishing
Published: June 23, 2020
Availability: Kindle on Amazon


This month, the only anthology I submitted to was Eerie River Press’ IT CALLS FROM THE SKY. The story I chose is one of the first complete short stories I ever wrote, called “Struck”, though of course I re-vised and edited the hell out of it before submitting, so it’s not quite the same as it was years ago when I first wrote it.

So far, I’ve gotten the email letting me know it was moved forward into the second round of consideration, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that my story baby will make it.

Absolutely in love with this cover!

Works in Progress

As I said, I’m working hard to finish up a medieval fantasy novel I started years ago and I’m giving myself a deadline of October to achieve that goal. The titles I am playing with are THE FIRST BLOOD and OF BLOOD AND STONE.

I am also working on a new project with a good friend of mine in which could have the potential to be a series. We are each writing chapters from the perspective of a different character whose lives inexplicably intertwine. Right now, the goal is to have two chapters written each month. We’re really excited about it.

That’s all I’ve got this month, thanks for stopping by! See you in July 🙂

May In Review

May In Review


This month, I received acceptances from Iron Faerie Publishing, Black Hare Press, Nocturnal Sirens Publishing, The Macabre Ladies, and The World of Myth Magazine.

Anthology Series Title: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Genre: Horror and Dark Fantasy
My Stories:
Conquest: “A Triumphant Feast”
Famine: “Feeding the Hungry”
Plague: “In the Meadow”
War: “Lamenting the Future”
Publisher: Iron Faerie Publishing

Anthology Title: Lockdown Romance #2
Genre: Dark Fantasy
My Story: “Catching Fire” (Reprint)
*Originally published in Hawthorn & Ash by Iron Faerie Publishing, December 2019
PublisherBlack Hare Press

Anthology Title: Scary Snippets Sibling Edition
Theme: Family Horror
My Story: “Little Monsters”
PublisherNocturnal Sirens Publishing

Anthology Title: Drabbles of Dread
Genre: Horror
My Stories: “The Chewing” & “Bucket List Disaster”
Publisher: The Macabre Ladies

Title: “Marked”
The World of Myth Magazine (May 2020 Issue)
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Format: E-Zine
Publisher: The World of Myth
Link: World of Myth’s Featured Story

The World of Myth Magazine was a particularly exciting acceptance because my story was chosen to appear as the “Featured Article” on the front page. Also with this particular magazine, stories are rated/voted on, and the author with the highest GPA of votes gets their story published in an end-of-year anthology, and is interviewed for the magazine’s podcast. So far, my story is in the lead!

You can read my story and leave a vote HERE. Thanks! 🙂


This month, I had three anthologies published featuring my short fiction.

Anthology Title: DARK SOLSTICE: Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology
My Story: “One Night, at Summer Camp”
Publisher: The Reanimated Writers, Presented by Eleanor Merry
Published: May 15, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Fatal Faeries
Theme: Faeries
My Stories: “On Dark Wings, She Flies” & “A Fair Trade”
PublisherNocturnal Sirens Publishing
Published: May 9, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Lockdown Phantom #1
My Story:“The Wait” (Reprint)
*Originally published online with TheDrabble
PublisherBlack Hare Press
Published: May 18, 2020
Availability: Amazon


In the month of May, I submitted 11 different pieces of fiction, 8 of which were accepted within a few days (and were included in my acceptances above). The other three pieces submitted were all to Black Hare Press, for various anthologies of theirs open at the time. I am still waiting to hear back on these, fingers crossed my stories make it in!

Submitted Story: “The Honored One”

Submitted Story: “Feeding the Crows”

Submitted Story: “In the Attic”

That’s it for May. June is shaping up to be a pretty slow month—ten days in, and I’ve only submitted one short story and am only waiting on the three from above to hear back on. But things could always turn around 😉

See you next month!

April in Review

April in Review

April Acceptances

This month I had a quite a few acceptances, due to Black Hare Press’ Free Lockdown Fiction series. These are quick little pocket sized books featuring short fiction in the genres of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Phantom and Paranormal Romance. I submitted a drabble each to all but Paranormal Romance, though I am planning on getting something in for that as well.

My acceptances for this series are:

Last month, I submitted a horror flash fiction piece “Of Flesh and Blood” to The Great Void’s BEYOND: HORROR FLASH FICTION anthology, and I made it in!

Two anthologies I submitted to this month with a very quick turn around were DARK SOLSTICE presented by Eleanor Merry and SCARY SNIPPETS FAMILY EDITION. I am beyond thrilled to have been accepted into both of these awesome anthologies with my horror stories “One Night, at Summer Camp” in DARK SOLSTICE, and “The First Born” in SCARY SNIPPETS.

April Submissions

Aside from the Free Lockdown Fiction series I submitted to and was accepted for, as well as the DARK SOLSTICE and SCARY SNIPPETS anthologies, I also submitted this month to the World of Myth Magazine with my dark fantasy piece “Marked”.

Cover of April’s edition

I also sent a previously published short story “What Lies Below” for Free Lockdown Fiction Horror #5. This was the first story I ever had published back in 2017 and I’d love to see it reprinted beneath this amazing cover.

April Publications

This month, three anthologies featuring my stories were published and are now available for purchase on Amazon.

Anthology Title: Mythica: Myth & Magic Anthology
Theme: Stories about mythological creatures/beasts
My Story: “Wild & Free”
PublisherIron Faerie Publishing
Published: April 1, 2020
Availability: Amazon

Anthology Title: Oceans
Theme: Dark tales about, on, or in the sea
My Story: “The Decoy”
PublisherBlack Hare Press
Published: April 7, 2020

Anthology Title: Lockdown Horror #1
Theme: Horror
My Story: “No Touching”
PublisherBlack Hare Press
Published: April 25, 2020
Free Download
Paperback & Kindle on Amazon

Works in Progress

Moving forward into May, I have several stories in various stages of writing that I hope to have submitted. Some of these submission calls have deadlines in May, a couple in June, and one in July.

If interested in any of these, check out their websites for more information!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series: Iron Faerie Publishing
It Calls From the Sky: Eerie River Publishing
Full Metal Horror III: Zombie Pirate Publishing
Scary Snippets Sibling Edition: Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Unity Volume 1: Penned in the City
School’s In: Black Hare Press

That’s all I’ve got for now! More to come in May! 🙂

March in Review

March in Review


FORGOTTEN ONES: DRABBLES OF MYTH AND LEGEND was released on March 5th, from Eerie River Publishing. Included are two of my dark drabbles, “Hera’s Revenge” and “The Night Mare”. This anthology was all about ancient myth and folklore as the title suggests, and I liked the inspiration I came up with for mine. “Hera’s Revenge” is a twist on what might have happened due to Hera’s obsessive love for Zeus in Greek mythology, and “The Night Mare” is based on folklore (where we get the term “nightmare” from today) where the mare (a spirit of some kind, a witch, or demon) would sit on top of people while they sleep and give the bad dreams, and were even thought to be the cause of sleep paralysis. These were a lot of fun to write!

Released together on March 7th, LOVE and HATE, the 7th and 8th dark drabble anthologies by Black Hare Press, each feature a drabble of mine. In LOVE, my tale “God is Love” was accepted, about a priest’s love and devotion to his maker, and in HATE, “Nasty Nancy” features, a story about a lunch lady named Nancy who has finally had enough of the kids’ abuse.


This month, I had quite a few exciting acceptances, and I’m happy to say that I made it in to all four of the anthologies I submitted to in the month of February!

HARVEST, by Blood Song Books, will feature my short story “Where the Tall Grass Grows”, about two friends who decide to steal marijuana from a farmer’s secret crop… with disastrous results.

My short story “King of the Forest” will be included in the second volume of IT CALLS FROM THE FOREST by Eerie River Publishing. “King of the Forest” is about the tragedy that befalls a married couple once they go to spend the summer in their newly inherited cabin.

My drabble “The Excavation” will feature in ANCIENTS, Black Hare Press’ 10th dark drabbles anthology. What happens when a mysterious box is unearthed during an archaeological excavation in the pursuit of ancient civilization remains?

And in FATAL FAERIES, by Nocturnal Sirens Publishing, I’ll have two drabbles featuring, “A Fair Trade” about a fairy being asked to make a choice between two lives, and “On Dark Wings, She Flies” about how a dark fairy renews her strength and power.


In March, I was somehow able to find time to send in a couple of submissions, amidst all the coronavirus craziness. “Of Flesh and Blood” to The Dark Void’s BEYOND anthology call, and “Sleepless Dream” to Two Page Terrors. “Of Flesh and Blood” is about an entity who finds a way to experience living again and again, while “Sleepless Dream” is about a sleep deprived young man who finds a way to finally get some rest. “Sleepless Dream” is one of the first short stories I ever wrote, years and years ago as a teenager, and this is the first time I’ve ever tried to submit it. I’ll be over the moon if it gets accepted, but I’m also not holding my breath.

Works in Progress

There are several submission calls I’d like to submit to in the near future, all neatly typed out in an Excel worksheet along with all my other writing/publishing/editing information, but the three forerunners at this point are Black Hare Press’ SCHOOL’S IN, Fantasia Divinity’s OUTBREAK, and Nocturnal Siren Publishing’s SCARY SNIPPETS FAMILY EDITION. My April goals are to get stories written and submitted for each one of these. Wish me luck!

February Recap

February Recap

The month of February was a hectic one, and I didn’t quite reach all the writing goals I’d set for myself at the beginning of the year. Buying and moving into a new house is a tad bit time consuming—though definitely worth it, of course!

Having said that, there were still some anthologies published this month of which I was a part of, as well as some exciting acceptances for upcoming publications.


First up, on February 20th, I was thrilled to have my horror flash fiction piece “Just One Bottle” published in this gorgeous Twenty Twenty anthology by Black Hare Press, which I’m very proud to be a part of. This is an Australian bushfire charity edition, with proceeds going to Zoos Victoria and NSW (New South Wales) WIRES, in an effort to aid in providing emergency veterinary care to wildlife in the affected bushfire zones.

On February 24th, 100 Word BIGGER Zombie Bites: An Undead Drabbles Anthology was published, the second in a series from the crew over at Reanimated Writers Press. I was happy to have two drabbles featured in their first 100 Word Zombie Bites anthology, and am now excited to have two more drabbles included in this second beauty: “Going to Hell” and “The Fix”.


Another Australian bushfire charity anthology I’m happy to be a part of is Fantasia Divinity’s Burning Dreams anthology, in which I’ve had both a drabble “A Fiery Revenge” and a flash fiction piece “The Protector” accepted for publication.

Also this month, I was excited to receive acceptance into my second poetry anthology, Deathly Sorrow: A Collection of Dark Poetry, by Tony Newton Productions. My poems “I Was Born”, “Lonely Hunter”, “Remaining the Same”, “Life Repeating”, & “My Addiction” will feature.


In the month of February, I also submitted to a few open calls in which I’m anxiously awaiting word on. These include Eerie River Publishing’s It Calls From the Forest: Volume II, Blood Song Book’s Harvest, Black Hare Press’ Ancients: Dark Drabbles #10, and Nocturnal Sirens Publishing’s Fatal Faeries. So far, I’ve received an email from Eerie River letting me know my horror short story “King of the Forest” has moved on to the second round of consideration. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed!


On the editing front, I did manage to get edits complete for Winds of Despair by Fantasia Divinity Magazine & Publishing, as well as the edits for Descent into Madness by my amazingly talented friend, Cindar Harrell. Isn’t her cover gorgeous?! Can’t wait to see both of these beautiful books in print.

Next up, my birthday month!

Stay tuned! 😉

January Releases & Acceptances

January Releases & Acceptances

With the first month of 2020 coming to a close, I’m happy to have gotten a few publications released this month as well as some really exciting acceptances!

January Publications

First up, 100 Word Horrors 4 by KJK Publishing was released on Amazon January 5th, featuring my drabble “The Old Man”.

Stormy Island Publishing‘s Fear and Fables anthology, featuring my dark flash fiction piece “Monster of the Lake” was released on January 6th on Amazon.

On January 18th, Iron Faerie Publishing released their Best of 2019 anthology in which my dark fantasy flash fiction piece “Catching Fire” was chosen to appear! This story was originally published on the publisher’s website, and then again in their Hawthorn & Ash anthology. Available on Amazon.

My dark drabble “Valentine’s Surprise” was published on January 27th in this creepy Dark Valentine Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology by EMerry Publishing. Available on Amazon.

January Acceptances

My first acceptance of 2020 came for another Iron Faerie Publishing anthology—Mythica—which will feature my short story “Wild and Free”.

My second acceptance of the year came in the form of yet another Best Of anthology, this one by Fantasia Divinity Magazine. My story “Good Girl”, originally published in the Isolation anthology, will feature.

Another drabble acceptance this month came from 100 Word BIGGER Zombie Bites, the second book of zombie drabbles from Reanimated Writers. I was happy to get two drabbles published in their first book, 100 Word Zombie Bites: An Undead Drabble Anthology, back in October. Now, my drabbles “Going to Hell” and “The Fix” will appear in the second volume! Cover reveal soon!

And finally, an acceptance I was super excited to get (because I’d gotten a rejection on a story I’d written for another anthology from this publisher.) My dark 1920’s inspired story “Just One Bottle” was accepted for publication in Black Hare Press‘ Twenty Twenty anthology! The proceeds from this book will be donated to charities for the Australian bushfires, which makes me even more proud to be a part of it.

It’s been a really productive start to the new year, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 brings!

2019 Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

With only two more days until the end of 2019, I wanted to reflect on how much I’ve grown as a writer this year. Below are the covers of anthologies I’ve been accepted into this year, excluding a few without covers and published online. I was finally able to take all those long nights of staying up way too late to write once the kids were in bed, dreaming of being published in multiple books, and turn that dream into a reality.

I didn’t have a set goal in mind when I began this year, but with 32 acceptances (ranging from poetry to drabbles to flash fiction to short stories) in over 27 anthologies with 15 different publishers, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved. Not only that, but I’ve met and gotten to work with so many talented people in the writing world who’ve inspired and helped me grow, and for them I’m incredibly thankful.

In 2020, I hope to continue to have more words published, but my ultimate goal is to get the novel I’ve let lie around half-written for far too long, collecting dust in its lonely yellow folder on my desktop, finished and ready to ship around for publishing.

Last but not least, thank you to all my family and friends who’ve supported me and my writing this year, whether it be from purchasing an anthology I’m a part of, reading and critiquing my work, letting me bounce ideas off them, or even just telling me, in one way or another, that they believe in my writing ability. It means the world to me!

Happy New Year! 🙂

Review of Misfits & Oddities: A Mini-anthology

Review of Misfits & Oddities: A Mini-anthology

I was originally given a free Audible code for this book in which I voluntarily offered to give an honest review, but after listening for just a few pages, decided I’d rather go ahead and purchase it on Kindle—both to support the author with a sale, and also to really immerse myself in it, which is easier for me to do by reading rather than by listening. I was not disappointed!

Misfits & Oddities is an interesting collection of short stories, covering a wide range of concepts and realities. Like its title suggests, these stories are all uniquely “odd” in their own way, and each stand apart from the others. These are the kind of stories that push you to “think” about the ideas being presented, each story asking, “What if?”

I particularly enjoyed the story “Pet Enhancement” which showed what could happen if we were ever given the technology and means to have our pets “enhanced” with more intelligence; something I’m sure everyone has wondered at one time or another! However, the entire collection kept me engaged and swiping right to keep reading! 🙂

If you’re looking for something to read that’s entertaining (not to mention eerie and suspenseful at times!) grab yourself a copy of this fun and quirky read. I’m glad I did!

Available on Amazon HERE!

Trembling With Fear

Trembling With Fear

My dark drabble “Dinner Time” was featured today on Trembling With Fear, The Horror Tree’s online publications site HERE. I really like the synopsis written by Editor Stephanie Ellis, so instead of writing my own, here’s what she had to say about my little snippet of horror:

Dinnertime by Amber M. Simpson is probably a story which will resonate amongst many put upon wives (and a few husbands). The demand for dinner on the table, that yell of ‘where is it’, can trigger all sorts of impulses, most of which remain unacted upon but here the wife does not take the comments kindly. A well-sketched picture of marital disharmony.”

– Stephanie Ellis, Editor

Super excited to be a contributing author for Trembling With Fear!

Iron Faerie Publishing’s Best Of Anthology

Iron Faerie Publishing’s Best Of Anthology

Excited to have my story “Catching Fire” chosen for publication in Iron Faerie Publishing‘s “The Best Of” anthology. This story was originally published online over on Iron Faerie’s website HERE, was then published again in the Hawthorn & Ash anthology (available on Amazon now HERE) and is now going to be published a third time, with this gorgeous cover preceding it!

Happy dance!!! 🙂