Magazines & E-Zines

Magazines & E-Zines


Publication: Paper Djinn Magazine
Issue: Volume 01: Chapter 02
Released: Est. February 1, 2021
My story: “The Scream”
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Availability: Pending

Publication: Fantasia Divinity Magazine
Issue: #13, Anniversary Edition August 2017
Released: August 26, 2017
My story: “The Back Yard”
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Availability:On Amazon


Title: “Marked”
The World of Myth Magazine (May 2020 Issue)
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Format: E-Zine
Publisher: The World of Myth
Link: World of Myth’s Featured Story
Published: May 24, 2020

Title: “The Scream”
The Siren’s Call
Genre: Horror
Format: E-Zine
Publisher: Siren’s Call Publications
Link: HERE
Published: December 31, 2019