An Epic Anthology!

An Epic Anthology!

I’ve recently had two acceptances from Eerie River Publishing for their upcoming drabbles anthology of myth and legend! My Greek mythology inspired “Hera’s Revenge” and folktale inspired “The Night Mare” will feature within its pages. Though still open for submissions, the pre-order link is already up on Amazon HERE, at a great price!

“For as long as men have lived, myths and legends have permeated cultures across the globe. But for every known monster, are there creatures of lore, gods of fable, and rituals of old that have been forgotten by time?

Delve into the darkness that came before and witness over 100 short drabbles resurrect the ancient world in 100 words or less.

Featuring award-winning horror and fiction authors from around the world, we dare you to remember the fear of the unknown and to dive headfirst into the beyond.

Within these pages, the old gods have awoken and with them, chaos will reign again.”

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